Porsche Joins Boeing to Create Sports Flying Car

The high standard market has as one of its main characteristics the development and launch of products with high quality and innovation. Often these innovations tend to be so startling that it is often possible to have the feeling that the future is already part of the present.

That is the feeling with the disclosure of information that Porsche has consolidated a strategic partnership with Boeing to manufacture a luxury car that, as its main differential, will fly. The idea of ​​the companies is that the new vehicle enters the market currently dominated by helicopters.

According to the German automaker, the production will feature professionals from various countries and the intention is the development of a fully electric vehicle, a requirement increasingly present among luxury consumers. The car should land and take off vertically, which will greatly facilitate its operation.

The race for the future has begun and although the partnership project between Porsche and Boeing is one of the most striking, other companies have also announced their desire to enter this market and produce vehicles that literally go out of their minds and win the most. Streets and heavens of the world.