The luxury roadmaps as trends for 2018

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The navigator Amyr Klink is one of the best known personalities in the country when it comes to the universe of adventure sports. Klink, who has visited some of the most unexplored and exotic destinations on the planet, once said that it was crucial for people to travel “not through stories, pictures, books and TVs, but with eyes and feet to understand what it’s yours”.

The idea of ​​the Brazilian sportsman has been consolidating in a marked way in the national market and, currently, more and more tourists of the country are experiencing experiences that go from the enchantment of the safaris, go through the tasting in specialized wineries, cross the care with the health and the well being in award-winning Spas and arriving at the comfort of high quality hotels.

In a recently published interview, the director of the Flow agency, Helena de Mendonça, highlighted this reality. “From gourmets to sportsmen, from adventurers to honeymooners, from superactive to those who just want to relax, there is always a constant these days: the search for activities that go out of the ordinary,” said Helena.

If the desire to know the nooks and crannies of the planet grew among the Brazilians, there was also the expansion of the service offer and the consequent democratization of access. Not too long ago, more exotic destinations were virtually inaccessible. Nowadays, the greater offer of tour operators, airlines and even high-end hotels has helped to reduce borders.

In this connected and globalized world, high-level scripts are growing in the preference of tourists and travelers. “Destinations such as South Africa and Portugal grew by an average of 13% and are trends for 2018. The trend is driven by a set of factors such as prices, tourism disclosures and then influencers end up exploiting these opportunities and people who did not know so much about one destination, hotel and activities get interested “complete Helena.

The tourism segment offers travelers incredible experiences in breathtaking destinations. And if these experiences could be accompanied by services of the highest quality and impeccable service at all levels of travel, the result of the journey will certainly be a luxurious and unforgettable itinerary.

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