The pleasures and flavors of wine during the summer season

It is common to associate the consumption of wine with the coldest days, including classic images such as sipping a glass in front of the fireplace are present in the collective imagination of most people. But, the wine can also combine perfectly with the summer, just take some issues into consideration to enjoy the drink even on the hottest days.

In summer, the desire for more refreshing drinks to cope with the heat is common, so the recommended wines are those with a higher acidity, such as whites, rosés and sparkling wines. Harmonization should also be careful and as the hottest season of the year combines with lighter dishes, these recipes also fit well with these three types of wines mentioned.

Um prato de salmão com vinho rosé é uma combinação perfeita para o verão

Salads, starters, appetizers and even a pizza with enough cheese can harmonize perfectly with white wines, while more robust dishes like shrimp risotto and even a salmon with accompaniments combine well with rosés.

The good news is that reds should not be forgotten and their space is guaranteed also on hot days. The main recommendation is to keep the temperature of the drink between 15 and 16 degrees, since too cold the wine may lose some of its flavor.

O New York Sour combina vinho e bourbon em sua receita

A good tip to surprise your friends during a reception at home on summer days is to opt for drinks that have wine as one of their featured ingredients. Options like Pink Elephant, which features strawberry, vodka and lemon Sicilian, or New York Sour, which takes Bourbon in its recipe, are classics of the world cocktail and will please even the most demanding.

So how about a toast to wine to celebrate the summer?

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