The new paradigms of the luxury market


A paradigm, in general, can be understood as a model, a pattern or even a set of practices and actions adopted for a particular purpose. The high-end market, over time, has been developing a series of these procedures that characterize the segment these days.

Excellence in service, originality in creating products, tradition as a tool of credibility and beauty in the composition of the pieces are characteristics associated with luxury products.

However, the recent partnership announced between the Italian brand Gucci and the online sales platform Farfetech is adding a new paradigm to the market: instantaneity. With the name F90: From the boutique to your home in 90 minutes the partnership service enables brand customers to make their purchases through the internet of Gucci parts and receive products at home within 90 minutes.

The innovative idea is already in full operation in ten cities around the world: London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. Marco Bizzari, CEO of the Italian brand, emphasized that the initiative “represents a new level of service that the luxury fashion industry needs to embrace to meet the ever-increasing needs of its luxury customers today, due to the excellent level of service adaptable to All the places where it is present “.

The service that must certainly start a new era in the universe of luxury is due to two great reasons. The first of these is the development and enhancement of digital purchasing platforms, which allow users intuitive and reliable access to the best products in the world. The second reason, without doubts, is the change in the profile of customers and consumers that increasingly replace the visit to the physical stores by browsing virtual addresses.

While tradition has always been one of the most outstanding attributes of the high-end market, it is undeniable that openness to innovative and revolutionary processes has always been present in the DNA of the industry. The partnership between Gucci and Farfetech inaugurates a new model of business management in the luxury industry and certainly sets a path by which many other brands will still pass.