Ateliers of flavor and fun at Hyatt Paris Madeleine


Paris is a city full of charm and enchantment that never ceases to amaze. Even the most popular places like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, you can discover hidden nuances through a closer look, in a sort of endless cycle in which a novelty attracts another and so on.

The Hyatt Paris Madeline, one of the most exclusive hotels in the city of lights, is part of this category of places that never gets tired to surprise their guests and visitors. The hotel, which enchants with the structure and the highest quality services and does a wonderful job with the important work of sustainability and concern for the future of the planet, once again innovates and presents great news for fans of good food: a pâtisserie workshop for children. Traditionally the haute cuisine has always been accompained by elegance, the hotel shows that childhood fun is also an ideal companion of the culinary arts.

The patisserie is a kind of french bakery specialized in creating exquisite cakes and sweets. Children attending the studio of Hyatt Paris Madeline, learn to make tasty treats, also understand that food is directly related to pleasure and the fun.

Children from three years old and up can participate in the workshops, in total, each class consists of ten students. The course provides an initial learning of true French gastronomic tradition and the classes last an average time of an hour and a half.

One of the great advantages of this project is that the classes are not restricted to hotel guests. Children from various parts of Paris and even neighboring regions can attend classes to learn and have fun. It is not just the French who participate, it is common to find children from other countries among students. The initiative had such positive results that the Park Hyatt Marrakch, one of the hotel’s network located in Morocco, decided to create a replica of the course.

Children who attend the workshops learn fundamental values of French gastronomy as excellence in the flavors and creativity in creating each meal. The course is fully adapted to children’s needs and own revenues are designed to meet the healthy child gluttony.

If anyone doubts that children are able to perform true gastronomic prowess, just attend one of the patisserie workshops at Hyatt Paris Madeline to be amazed by the works of pure flavor produced with love and great laughs.


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