The value of a luxury brand

Last week, the major media outlets linked to the fashion and luxury segments addressed a truly historic event. After a long judicial process, Salvatore Ferragamo brand won an important victory against the falsification of its products. The US court has sentenced the defendants, about 60 incumbents and 150 domain names, to a $ 60 million fine.

According to an official statement, the brand said it was very satisfied “with the decision of the New York court, which, with this ruling, established, among other things, exemplary compensation among the highest awarded for this type of violation.”

According to lawyer Gisele Ghanem Cardoso, a specialist in fashion law and a partner at Ghanem Leal Advocacia, “processes such as these are very rare to get filed and are rarer to have a positive opinion at the end. Every time it happens it becomes news, because clearly there is a very great difficulty in being able to punctuate in the process first who is infringing its right; in a second moment to be able to locate him, mainly when it comes to crimes or illicit crimes committed via the internet, and finally to make magistrates and involved in the process understand that they are doing something wrong, not only immoral. “

The final verdict and the high value of compensation, far more than to do justice and actively contribute to the end of an illegal practice, confirms the importance of the value of a brand with almost a century of activity and that has become an icon of the segment of luxury.