The value of professional qualification and qualification in the luxury market

At the same time that the fashion segment is one of the most traditional sectors of the luxury industry, it can also be considered one of the most innovative. With every new collection, fashion designers and fashion professionals excel at creating models that capture the catwalk, and the streets, with touches of inventiveness and daring.

Although the launch of an iconic collection may often appear as the result of a creative surge of some renowned professional, the pieces and models originate long before, in hours and hours of study and research.

And to keep fashion always innovative, many organizations are already investing forcefully in the issue of professional training. A good example is the RM Fashion and Design Institute, a teaching center located in the city of Milan, Italy, which is offering 100 scholarships to the areas of design and fashion. The total investment of the Institute exceeds 500 thousand euros in scholarships. The course, in addition to an innovative method of teaching, also has exclusive partnerships with advertising agencies and renowned designers to enable students to become even closer to the reality of the industry.

The investment in training, increasingly, is consolidated as an important competitive differential for those who work in the sector of high standard. In the month of October, we held the second group of the Strategies of Acting in the Luxury Market: A Week of Theory and Practice with TdL Agency professionals and, once again, the result surpassed our expectations.

It was truly gratifying to realize that professionals from the most diverse sectors and from the most diverse Brazilian destinations, constantly seek improvement and qualification to act even more assertively in the luxury market. With singularities and peculiarities that define it, the market of high standard is broad and diversified and it is only with knowledge that we can conquer it.

A well-known phrase from an important Brazilian historical character says that “good education is a gold coin, everywhere in value”. Those who work in the high-end market know how true this phrase is.

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