The value of innovation


Innovation is the ability to modify ideas and concepts, renew proposals and create novelties. Innovation refers to the need to expand horizons, to propose new paths and approaches.

In the luxury market, innovation manifests itself in the most varied forms. It can take shape through the adoption of technologies that enable more rational management of environmental resources, through the use of new systems that provide the acquisition of products in a more secure and intuitive way, and, even more important, through the rupture of paradigms and offer new experiences that add value.

And it was with the goal of celebrating and rewarding the luxury brands and professionals who stood out for the innovation, pioneering and quality that happened last week the 2017 edition of the Walpole British Luxury Awards.

The award was attended by more than 300 professionals and influencers linked to the luxury segment and was organized by the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. The venue of the event was the famous The Dorchester hotel located in London

Among the top winners are the fashion site Matchesfashion which received the British Luxury Brand of the Year award and Farfetch which received the coveted Digital Award. Among the fashion brands, the highlight was Gucci which received the International Luxury Brand of the Year award.

The awards of these three brands that, in the current panorama, play a leading role within the fashion segment allow the realization that innovation really has become an absolutely fundamental requirement for success. Recently, Gucci released its annual revenue data and has seen tremendous growth, especially in times of instability.

That way, the message is clear: innovating in the most diverse phases of a business is one of the most important strategies for brands that want to start or continue to succeed.

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