The value of the professional image in the luxury market


Competitiveness is one of the main characteristics of the labor market today. Just check the indices of employability in the country to realize that it is increasingly difficult to achieve the desired position. If qualification and qualification play a decisive role in conquering the position so dreamed up, the personal and professional image is also a fundamental attribute in this process.

In the segment of high standard the professional image has its value greatly enhanced. After all, when acting in a market that involves characteristics like tradition, excellence, beauty and quality, nothing more natural than the professional to cultivate these values ​​through his image.

Thus, a fundamental question that the professionals and managers of the area need to do is: what type of image am I communicating? An appropriate professional image conveys concepts such as trust, responsibility, commitment and competence and plays a key role in the advancement of any career.

Therefore, it is up to the professional to manage and manage their professional image in order to achieve their goals and objectives. Taking care of the character, the posture between the work colleagues and, above all, the personal image are some of the actions essential to obtain the much dreamed success in the corporate market.

With the objective of working the seven personal styles within the male and female universe in the professional market, in order to offer a practical and theoretical repertoire according to the relevance of the Brazilian market, on November 25 the Imagem Profissional: Feminina e Masculina taught by the image consultant Alexandre Taleb.

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