The value of experience


The forms and patterns of consumption are changing considerably in recent years. Ideas such as sustainability and the experience of experiences in place accumulation, are promoting a small revolution in market practices.

This is one of the conclusions of a survey recently released by Momondo on the profile of Brazilian travelers. According to the study, domestic tourists are more likely to spend on travel than purchasing material goods.

According to the data disclosed, when the subject is to use money well, tourism is the favorite option of 31% of Brazilians. Expenses with food and drink, including eating out, appear second with 20% of preference. In the third position, with 14%, are spending on the purchase of fashion products, such as clothes, shoes and accessories.

 “We conduct the survey globally and each year a clearer global trend is emerging about consumer preference for experience rather than ownership. This change of categories in Brazil, such as the lower interest in buying electronics and the increase in spending on eating well, is a local example of this, “explains Pedro Correia, responsible for Momondo’s operation in Brazil.

Most Brazilians make a budget that considers the total to be spent on the trip, including the amount of tickets, accommodation and also how much will be spent during the trip. In general, other countries also follow this planning model, but it is interesting to note that there are places where a sizeable portion of the population does not bother to prepare themselves financially. This is the case in Austria, Germany and Norway.

“In Brazil, the economic scenario has made people more cautious and apprehensive, but still, Brazilians do not want to stop traveling. The best way to do this is by researching and looking for budget-minded options. Online tools, such as search engines, play a key role in this, allowing travelers to save money and travel more, “concludes Correia.