The value of training in the luxury market

Last year was not very positive for the Brazilian economy. That’s why expectations for 2018 are better in every way. And for this to happen it is necessary to combine the efforts of companies, consumers and, of course, professionals.

In this scenario of hope and optimism, it is fundamental to emphasize the importance that the training has on the issues directly related to the good performance of the organizations and also on the personal satisfaction and the professional growth of the individuals.

In the last week, between January 29 and February 2, I had the opportunity to teach a course on the luxury market at the Belas Artes teaching center and the result was truly exciting. It was very important to realize that more and more people are interested in increasing their level of knowledge and, thus, achieving a more competitive position in the labor market.

The value of training for a market like Brazil is huge, it is enough to analyze that according to a study published last year by the Dom Cabral Foundation, which sought to identify the difficulties in hiring professionals, for 47.3% of the national companies the biggest problem it did not refer to the lack of experience, but to the lack of qualification of those who were looking for a vacancy.

It is true that, unfortunately, companies have their share of blame in this process, because, due to a stagnant market, many investments in the area of ​​training were postponed or even suspended.

However, for the professional who wants to grow, and more precisely for those who work in the high-end market, the training and training courses are essential to evolve in the career or to maintain the position already achieved.

For those who still think that a course aimed at expanding the skills of professionals is caught up in theory and forgets the practice, my experience in the last week proves that this is far from reality. By approaching well-known and impressive examples of the most important luxury brands today and an open dialogue with the students, it was possible to develop a training that, in fact, increased the level of knowledge of the participants and promoted the expansion of their professional horizons .

The well-known Chinese philosopher Confuncio once said that the “essence of knowledge is to apply it once possessed.” In general, this is the key idea of ​​the training courses: to provide the student with updated and strategic knowledge so that he can use in a practical and efficient way in his personal and professional life.

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