The sports universe as an authentic luxury experience

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and, in the United States, it also has a huge social and economic impact. In addition to being personalities admired for their talent and determination, the National Basketball Association is a millionaire league and one of the largest centers of high-performance athletes in the world.

And what is the relationship between the sports association that immortalized names like Michael Jordan, Magic Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal and the high-end market? In fact there are many common points that exist between them, but in this article, I want to highlight just one: the concept store created by the French watchmaking Tissot with the intention of celebrating the NBA.

In all, the store is 260 m2 and is located in the heart of New York. In addition to the iconic models of watchmaking, the decoration of the space has motifs that directly reminded basketball as photos and images of athletes who made the history of the sport and a thematic area that includes even basket and table. The differentiated space created by Tissot highlights how experiences are literally being leveraged by luxury brands with the aim of providing unique and unforgettable experiences to their customers.


Imagem da área interna da loja da Tissot dedicada à NBA

During the launching event of the store Tissot created an interactive hall that, among other experiences, offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy games with augmented reality of an interesting artistic installation. In addition, customers who owned branded watches also had the opportunity to attend a spot and meet players currently among the NBA stars such as Klay Thompson and Bradley Beal.

As we have already emphasized here in the Therapy of Luxury in several matters published in this respect, the limit of the experiences that the luxury brands proposes to its clients is the imagination. With this Tissot action, now, sports activity is consolidated as a kind of “partner segment” with the aim of broadening consumers’ experiences of products and services of a high standard.

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