The south of the country in the center of fashion


It is no exaggeration to say that all the attention of those who appreciate fashion, style, behavior and trends were toward the city of Curitiba on 23 and 24 August.

The second edition of Patio Batel Fashion Walk literally moved the southern agenda of Brazil highlighting once again the democratization of fashion to make shopping a giant catwalk.


The event designed by Batel Patio, one of the most important malls in the state capital, had the fashion curator of Harper’s Bazaar and, between shows and editorials, more than 100 local, national and international brands were present.

During the two days, dozens of gorgeous and beautiful models paraded on the catwalk surrounding the mall more than 200 different looks that totaled approximately 700 pieces that indicated the new fashion trends.


One detail that once again made the event stand out was the possibility of the customer to buy the collections presented shortly after the end of the parade. This concept, very much in evidence in various regions of the world, enhances acquisitions since motivates consumers to realize the desire awake during the times when the walkway is the highlight.

And speaking of the catwalk, the project was signed by the architect Fernanda Cassou and had cables that went from floor to ceiling totaling 26 meters. The breadth of space coupled with plant arrangements and the LED lights installed especially for the event promoted a sense of freshness and lightness on the catwalk and the audience.


The success of the second edition of the Fashion Walk Batel Patio enshrines the city of Curitiba, definitely, as one of the fashion capitals in Brazil.

Images by Debora Spanhol.