The success of Brazilian high cuisine

That the Brazilians are passionate about good gastronomy, is nothing new. After all, the mix of people who make up our history has created a unique and special way of thinking and savoring all the pleasures at the table.

The worldwide success of chef Alex Atala, whose two fundamental characteristics are the inventiveness and appreciation of products and raw materials typically national, is an example that proves that the world has also yielded to Brazilian seasonings.

Another very peculiar fact that highlights the success of Brazilian cuisine is that the national version of the Masterchef program, which in the United States is run by none other than celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, is one of the great open TV audience champions.

To make this scenario even more palatable, Brazilian chef Luciana Berry was invited by Cordon Bleu, one of the most important and renowned gastronomic schools in the world, to mentor the students who compete in one of the ten annual grants that the institution offers in its units of Paris and London.

And the scholarships are widely disputed, since the complete course of training in gastronomy provided by the school has a value of 45 thousand pounds, which, in reais, exceeds 200 thousand.

In the luxury market, gastronomy can be considered one of the most traditional segments. Walking alongside tourist activity, the sector has a great representation all over the world and contributes in a solid way to the growth rates of the premium segment and to the strengthening of the economy of many countries.

In Brazil it is no different. Joining talented chefs, original recipes and an audience increasingly interested in the universe of flavors, the high gastronomy in Brazil is a success. And a real luxury.