Featured female protagonism

Yesterday, July 4, there was another edition of the project “Positive Women” carried out by the newspaper Estadão. This time, the project had the strategic partnership of Circolare portal and had as its address the prestigious restaurant Iulia, located in the Jockey Club São Paulo.

The idea of ​​the project is to highlight and support the feminine protagonism in all its spheres of action, with special emphasis on the business world. With monthly frequency, the events are recorders and all the content is available on the digital platforms of Estadão.

With the presence of brands and personalities that are references in the Brazilian market, subjects of different natures such as health, politics, art, sports, labor market, business models and market trends are approached.

In this edition, the event had special guests who gave exclusive interviews to the program Julie Montgomery, editor in chief of Circolare, Mariana Lima, executive of Hype Associates and Manu Berger, CEO of the luxury therapy portal.

In addition to the interviews with the invited guests that will be made available in the social networks of the project, the event was also marked by the exclusive lunch with the presence of more than 20 women who could promote the exchange of information and knowledge.

For Manu Berger “the Positive Women project was an excellent opportunity to dialogue with professionals who are references in the national market. I had the opportunity to talk about my book, my activities in front of the Luxury Therapy and the TdL Agency and to address some important facets of the high-end market in Brazil. “

Another highlight of the event was the participation of Rita Heroína, image and style consultant. Rita, who is advised by the TdL Agency, talked about how it helps women in everyday life to find the right look for all occasions.

Check out the photo gallery of the event below.

Crédito das imagens: Divulgação.