Chanel’s new luxury address in the French capital

Named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Important People in 20th Century History, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, better known by the nickname Coco, created a brand that has become a symbol of the luxury market and a symbol of creativity and originality of the French fashion.

For this reason, the opening of the brand’s new store in Paris last week was more than a simple inauguration and has become a true event linked to the universe of luxury. The brand’s new boutique is located on Cambon Street and encompasses three historic buildings in the city.

And since luxury has always been a feature of the stylist’s work and, later, in the launching of its brand, the ambiance of the brand’s new sales space celebrates the best in world decoration such as the beautiful wooden floors and various works of art that stamp the walls.

The creator of the brand, of course, was also honored in the new space. Large glass walls allow you to glimpse beautiful camellias, the favorite flower of the stylist. The launch event, restricted only to the press and special guests, pointedly highlighted one of the phrases coined by Coco Chanel: “fashion is fashion, style is never.” Filled with style, Chanel’s new store becomes a permanent invitation for lovers of fashion and luxury.