The luxury market from the female entrepreneurial perspective

The luxury market is a segment that tends to maintain good results even in times of instability. Therefore, the sector is increasingly sought after for those seeking to create a new business in the country.

To discuss entrepreneurship linked to the luxury market, but with the perspective of women, the event will happen tomorrow in Florianopolis the Empreendedorismo Feminino: Como as mulheres atuam no mercado de luxo from 18:00 at the store D’Vie Shopping Iguatemi.

With the participation of Manu Berger, specialist in Luxury Market, CEO of Luxury Therapy and Director of TdL Agency; Gabriela Pascotto, a specialist in otorhinolaryngology, Gisele Ghanem, a lawyer specializing in Fashion Law and a partner in Ghanem Leal Advocacia; and Kel Boaretto, a specialist in creativity and innovation and founder of Sabedorama, the talk aims to promote the exchange of information and the exchange of experiences between the invited and the present public.

One of the highlights of the event, which reflects the importance of issues related to environmental and social sustainability that are increasingly consolidated in the market of high standard, is that the entry is a pound of non-perishable food. That is, as important as sharing knowledge is to enable a better quality of life for all.

Check out, below, the official invitation of the event.