The luxury market from the perspective of its female protagonists

In February, more precisely on the 19th, the world of fashion and luxury lost one of its most celebrated personalities: Karl Lagerfeld. After leading Chanel for three decades, Lagerfeld left his life to immortalize himself in history. Soon after confirming the death of the designer, the French brand announced the name of the person who would have the mission to continue the work in front of one of the best known and most admired brands today. Virginie Viard, director of the atelier and the right arm of the German designer, was chosen.

Karl Lagerfeld e Virginie Viard

If from the corporate point of view the substitution can be considered natural, in the symbolic aspect it is very expressive. After all, the most famous world-wide brand founded by a woman happens to have in his creative command, also, a woman. Whether Virginie Viard will give direct continuity to Lagefeld’s work or will propose new interpretations for the classic signs of the brand, the future will tell. What is certain, without a doubt, is that one era has reached the end in Chanel and another is about to rise.

Donatella Versace

Speaking at the end of an era, last year the world of fashion was impacted by the news that Versace, a symbol of originality of Italian fashion, was sold to the business group led by Michael Kors. Beyond the commercial issues, one of the biggest doubts of the transaction was what role Donatella Versace would have in the future of the brand. To clarify the situation the stylist went to the social media to affirm that she is not going “to any place”, emphasizing that will continue to exercise its position in the brand created by its brother. It is worth mentioning that in 2017 Donatella received the Icon Fashion Award for his contribution to the segment over the last decades.

Maria Grazia Chiuri

If the subject is the icons of the fashion universe, who is also treading the way in this direction is Maria Grazia Chiuri. The stylist, who became the first woman to lead the Dior, has been conquering a legion of fans and admirers for her work and her contemporary vision of fashion. Themes such as feminism and the empowerment of women are frequently present in their creations, causing taboos to be questioned and paradigms to be broken. Joining modernity and tradition, Chiuri follows a journey of discovery and self-discovery in the fashion world.

Carolina Herrera

And it is impossible to speak in tradition in the luxury market without mentioning Carolina Herrera. The Venezuelan fashion designer living in New York since the 1970s is a star of the fashion world. Today, the brand created by it has become an empire with ramifications in the most diverse market segments. An interesting aspect of the brand is that it is at the forefront of modernity. While e-commerce is still seen with restrictions by certain companies in the luxury sector, Carolina Herrera invests in the omnicality that, essentially, is the interaction of the most diverse platforms of consumption through the same identity.

Of course, in the panorama of the contemporary luxury market there is a much more expressive contingent of women who have assumed their leading role. But, Virginie Viard, Donatella Versace, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Carolina Herrera are four excellent examples of how the luxury segment is also successful from a female perspective.