The luxury market in tune with the new times


When we read the term new times in some journalistic text or in any other type of publication, many ideas come to mind, almost always related to technological advances.

However, more important than imagining or guessing the future, thinking of new times means really thinking about different things or how we can use today’s knowledge in an even more productive and efficient way.

That is why concepts such as reduction, reuse and recycling are gaining more and more prominence within the larger idea of ​​sustainability, that is, actions that minimize environmental and social impacts in all its spheres.

With the conviction that increasingly ecological and socially correct actions will be a guiding element in the new times, it is no exaggeration to say that many sectors of society already take this into account, and the luxury market is one of them.

If we analyze the segment of high standard with attention, it is easy to see that the number of brands that adopt production systems to increase the care with the environment grows in a systematic way. In the social area, this also happens. In addition to the campaigns aimed at supporting those who need it, a true social ethic is sought. The recent announcement that the LVMH Group will adopt actions aimed at a more humanized and ethical treatment with models and professionals working in the fashion segment proves this idea.

If some of the main brands in the universe of luxury, directly or indirectly, already play a part in this process, customers and consumers also have much to contribute in an active and participatory manner.

And many actions can happen on a day to day basis. For example, when searching for a hotel to stay, it’s easy to check the policies on the environment and use that information at the time of the decision.

Another situation is the purchase of luxury goods, especially those linked to the fashion world. It is important to be aware that that part or accessories you are looking for were honestly produced and that ethics was present at every stage of its manufacture.

To this end, digital technologies, especially the Internet, may be of fundamental importance in helping to broaden information on a wide range of subjects. And, in this sense, technological advances play a decisive role in making the new times even better and certainly more luxurious too.