The luxury market awaiting growth

Last Sunday, October 7, Brazilians went to the polls to elect their political representatives for the coming years. Election of the president and governors, especially, should have a direct impact on the future of the states and, consecutively, on the future of the country.

Unsurprisingly, regardless of the political and ideological position, the last years were not times of great celebrations. Many companies faced difficulties of the most diverse orders and the organizations that act in the market of high standard, in a certain way, also felt the impact of this moment of economic and social turbulence.

The biggest proof of this was that Brazil has fallen two positions in the ranking of the countries that lead the billing linked to the luxury market. In 2016, we occupied the 20th position and in the survey carried out last year, we moved to 22nd place, with a financial turnover of 22.55 billion. The number may even seem significant, but it registered a fall of 8.5% over the previous year.

But, what is the relationship between the Brazilian election and the high-end market? In fact, the relationship is total since only the growth of any market sector with a stabilized, positive economy and with an adequate social development is possible.

All business managers focused on this market, all the professionals who work in the segment and especially all the customers of luxury brands know that things will not change from day to night with a touch of magic. It will take a lot of work and, above all, believe that challenges can be overcome.

The Brazilian luxury market is waiting for growth, or rather, for growth, and all of us in this market, as well as the politicians who will be elected in this election, will have a great responsibility to be a dream and come true.

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