McDia Feliz and the art of doing good

The sharing of experiences, socially sustainable development and the creation of projects aimed at collective well-being are initiatives taken by an increasing number of companies that seek to go beyond their corporate obligations and decide to invest in good actions.

An example of acting in these conditions, is the McDia Feliz, that in the 25th of August arrives at its thirtieth edition. Over three decades of history, the project has become one of the largest Brazilian fundraising campaigns for children and young people with cancer.

Throughout the history of McDia Feliz, more than 200 million reais have already been donated to projects related to the treatment of childhood and juvenile cancer. Last year alone, a total of 58 institutions scattered across the country received support.

In addition to directly impacting the lives of patients and their families in a positive way, the movement stands out for contributing to a greater social awareness on this subject. According to Francisco Neves, superintendent of the Ronald McDonald Institute, “McDia Feliz has been instrumental in providing society with insight into the relevance of childhood and juvenile cancer, the disease that kills most between the ages of one and 19. And the funds raised enable early diagnosis, adequate referral, quality treatment and psychosocial support during and after treatment. “

This year, the Ayrton Senna Institute, an organization recognized for its long history of social work, is a partner in the project. “Education is the key to developing human potential and fundamental pillar for the real transformation of our country. We are really proud of this partnership, which will allow us to participate in this day of great mobilization, “said Viviane Senna, president of the Ayrton Senna Institute,

The next 25th is then marked to promote good: just visit one of the addresses of McDonald’s and ask for a Big Mac. The whole sale of the snack held in the more than 900 restaurants of the brand throughout Brazil will be donated to entities and projects already in progress.