The virtual luxury


In the last two decades the Internet has established itself as one of the most important media and information society. The mass access to the network and the explosion of social media were key factors that led to the reflection of the world’s leading companies when it comes to digital advertising. Luxury brands, tuned with the new landscape, are increasingly investing in the web and social networks.

That’s the conclusion of a recently released by L2 Intelligence study, which found an increase of 42.5% over the ads produced for placement in social networks. Another constant important information in the study is that Instagram is the preferred network for direct contact with the public. According to the report, many brands come to make up to ten daily posts on Instagram and just an update on Facebook.

In general, the study indicates a reality that slowly is being felt by all: more and more social networks are relevant in people’s lives, and also in business enterprises. One of the main difficulties in marketing is the ability to communicate with the public, social media allow this interaction to quickly and accurately.

This dialogue is often done in a very creative and innovative way. This is the case of Burberry incorporating into their networks images of common people wearing the clothes of the brand. Another way to reach the huge audience in the network is the union with the virtual world celebrities. This action was put into practice by Dior that by joining forces with Rihanna, came into direct contact with the huge number of fans and admirers who follow the singer on social networks.

In analytical terms, the virtual luxury driven by social networks is a reality that is here to stay. Find the most appropriate way to catalyze this idea and increase the conversation with the target audience is the challenge of brands and brands in the digital world.

Campanha da Dior protagonizada pela cantora Rihanna

Dior and Rihanna