The luxury sustainability of Hyatt Paris Madeleine

Hyatt Paris Madeleine e as abelhas

Hyatt Paris Madeleine and the Bees

If the Hyatt Paris Madeline is an irresistible invitation to the charms and corners of the city of light through a cozy and exclusive hotel, imagine, then, knowing that, side by side with the comfort and refinement of accommodation is a constant concern for the future of the planet and the sustainability of actions.

Concern manifested concretely through the development of one of the most innovative, creative and playful ecological projects of the hotel world. Called “The Beehive”,  the project aims to highlight the importance of one of the most delicate and sensitive living organisms of our ecosystem: the bees.

To strengthen the commitment to environmental sustainability of the planet, Hyatt Paris Madeline established a partnership with the French National Union of Beekeeping and, in September 2013, installed on the 7th floor of their building, hives with live bees. Bees have a prominent role in the environmental balance and are considered true sentinels in protecting the planet.

A major goal of the program is to sensitize and mobilize the general public to the fundamental role of bees in our everyday life. Soon after the project began, another novelty also became part of the routine of guests: natural honey produced in hives installed in the hotel. Since then, there is no visiting the Hyatt Paris Madeline without tasting the exclusive honey exclusive from the hotel brand and understand why the bees are in danger and what you can do to help them survive.

And sustainable practices are not only the concern with bees. By the book of environmentally friendly facilities, the hotel gives guests the option to change the towels and sheets every other day, contributing to the reduction of water consumption and the preservation of nature.

For children visiting the hotel are offered a special treat: a mascot of the project called Maddie, a beautiful and smiling stuffed bee. Lovers of gastronomic universe can’t complain, as the chef responsible for the hotel prepares two delicious desserts with honey produced by bees from the Hyatt Paris Madeline.

If you are still looking for a good reason to visit the hotel, how about 60,000 of them, after all, this is the number of bees sheltered by the project that delights and sensitizes all guests and visitors.

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