The luxury of working from home


The writer André Cauduro d’Angelo, in the book Precisar, não precisa, reflects the new luxury can be represented “by all that can not be bought in a store, such as: time, increasingly scarce, especially in urban areas; autonomy, resulting in the possibility of each one to decide your life; silence and quiet, so rare to those who inhabit the cities and lead a hectic life routine; the beauty, the contemplation of which opportunity is a pleasure and a privilege; space, increasingly small in cities; contact with the environment, also denied the inhabitants of the metropolis; and security. “

In this new scenario where the comfort is high, the home office is presented as a differentiated solution for professionals and businesses. If in the past the growth of this practice could be considered modest, currently the option is seen as an attractive alternative for all involved.

A survey conducted by SAP Consulting, which heard 325 Brazilian companies from different segments and sizes, highlights that 68% of them have adopted the home office. The analysis pointed out that this is a recent practice in the country, since 80% of companies have joined this working model in the last five years. In addition, 71% of respondents indicate that the working format ensures management based on results, rather than physical presence. Thus, the main gains are: productivity (54%), increased satisfaction and employee engagement (85%).

“I see this move as a very positive action. It meets the desires of many people who no longer hold up the volume of useless interruptions generated in the office, the absurd traffic we face on a return to work or the time wasted in unnecessary meetings . However, remember that working from home is not simple, it is a serious thing, it requires many disciplines together to be treated, of the behavioral legal issues, “says Christian Barbosa, time management expert.

If the weather is considered one of the most important luxury goods today, there is no denying that the home office is an absolutely luxurious option and, most importantly, very effective.