Luxury as a source of inspiration

Monica Okamoto, Ana Claudia Michielin, Cristine Berger, Giu Belegante e Jana Motta

Before creating one of the most important portals of content on the luxury segment of the Brazilian internet, Manu Berger, CEO of Luxury Therapy, was already experiencing the premium market as a consumer. By combining theoretical and practical knowledge with the desire for high standard products, Manu has created a particular style of perceiving the industry.

A estilista Silva Ulson e Manu Berger

Inspired by this personal style and especially in Manu’s personal closet, designer Silvia Ulson created an authoritative collection of dresses. The inspiration was the differentiated cuts, the class of the pieces, the style of the clothes, the tones, colors and all the modeling that composes its image in the family and corporate daily life.

Manu com a trama artesanal que produz as rendas usadas na coleção

Formed in the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Silvia Ulson has worked in the areas of printing and design of international fashion brands such as Carolina Herrera and currently owns a store in the Jardins neighborhood in São Paulo. And it was precisely this address that received the parade of release of the collection on April 24. The parade was attended by guests in which stood out friends and family of Manu.

Detalhe da trama das rendas usada nas peças

One of the details that make the collection even more exclusive is that most of the pieces were made with a typical income from the northeast region of Brazil, whose fabric is produced entirely artisanal. Produced only in P and M models, the pieces are already available to customers at the Silvia Ulson store located at Alameda Lorena, 1900.