The luxury below zero grade

That ice cream is a desired and delicious food and that it presents important health benefits from the nutritional point of view, the vast majority of people already know. However, this frozen delicacy can also be a real luxury item.

At least that is what Baccarat Hotel proposes when presenting a sundae that will surely attract the attention of lovers of flavor and the market of high standard, since the delight costs $ 1,500.

The base of the dessert is an artisanal vanilla ice cream, created with vanilla imported from Madagascar. The ice cream is topped with a crisp layer of hand-painted white chocolate with colored cocoa butter. The ice cream ball is placed on top of three grams of black truffle crumble made with 64% Manjari black chocolate and Valrhona Gold cocoa nibs.

A champagne broth and hibiscus surrounds the colored ball, with citrus meringue and fondant butterflies scattered among the sugar strands. The finishing touches are the edible gold and silver leaves that add scintillating accents.

The sundae is served in a porcelain bowl decorated with a honeycomb motif and a Baccarat crystal lid in the shape of a teddy bear called “Zoo Bear”. Guests who purchase the Bear Extraordinaire dessert can bring the figurine home. Each figurine is individually numbered and signed by designer Jaime Hayon.