Comfort at a click away

A few years ago, the future imagined in several science-fiction films showed a life in which comfort was associated with ease, that is, it was enough to say to turn on the light, that the lamps were lit or it was said to take a bath that the whirlpool soon began to fill.

For some time now, this has stopped being a delusion of screenwriters to become reality. Present in an increasing number of houses and apartments, residential automation unites technology and convenience, and also, in a systematic way, includes in its routine aspects sustainable.

Turning on and off electronic equipment, opening and closing curtains, controlling the lights and ambient temperature, noticing increases in energy consumption and even water leaks are some of the functions possible through the use of digital tools.Innovations sometimes look like movie things like digital recognition to open doors.That is, the use of keys is a thing of the past..

Ligar e desligar equipamentos eletrônicos, abrir e fechar cortinas, controlar as luzes e a temperatura do ambiente, perceber os aumentos do consumo de energia e até vazamentos de água são algumas das funções possíveis através da utilização de ferramentas digitais

Residential automation follows the new concepts of technology. If through the applications is possible from ordering a meal to calling a taxi, nothing more natural than the security monitoring cameras to control the sound, everything is just a click away.

A very positive fact for those who want to automate their residence is that the values ​​tend to be more in account than the first sight can be imagined. There is no longer a need for huge financial investment and with the constant improvement of technology, the tendency is for the progressive reduction of budgets. Home, sweet home now turned home, sweet/comfortable/sustainable/safe home.