The excellence service beyond the land, sea and air

If there is a quality shared by the main companies that operate in the luxury market, it is the excellence service. Whether on the ground, at sea or in the air, organizations focused on this market know the importance of meeting and surprising customers and, therefore, spare no effort to achieve this goal.

A good example of this occurred recently with the launch of the Fly Better program promoted by Emirates. The advertising campaign of the new service that aims to expand the experiences in international travel promoted by the airline company will have its first branding action held on November 1st.

According to Boutros Boutros, Emirates senior vice president of Corporate Communications, Marketing and Branding, “The drive to innovate and be better is part of Emirates DNA, and this allows us to offer air travel experiences that are comfortable and enjoyable in all cabin classes, always. Emirates was the first to introduce personal screens in all seats of all classes, we pioneered offering best international phone and Wi-Fi services, and first class suites, we brought bars and spas on board and we continued to introduce revolutionary products , as virtual windows. Now we are affirming this superiority and inviting travelers to fly better with Emirates. “

The program developed by Emirates proves that even the world’s leading brands need to constantly renew and reinvent themselves to stay on top. Although the service of the area company has a high concept, it is never too much to leave the zone of comfort and propose new approaches.

The example of Emirates is for companies of any segment and any nature. Although investing resources in order to increase the quality of service is sometimes a reason for discussion in the business sector, it is absolutely fundamental in the conquest and loyalty of customers and especially those in the luxury market.

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