New Cirque du Soleil show has confirmed season in Brazil

For Brazilian fans of Cirque du Soleil great news: the company returns to Brazil in 2019 with the show OVO, directed by Deborah Colker, after going through North America and Europe. In short season around the country, the show will pass through Belo Horizonte, from March 7 to 17, Rio de Janeiro from March 21 to 31; Brasília from April 5 to 13 and São Paulo from April 19 to May 12.

After thrilling more than five million people around the world, since it debuted in Montreal in 2009 as a tent show, the show embarked on a new journey. Making the same captivating production, presented unprecedented in the country in arenas, the show gives the opportunity for people from various capitals to watch a Cirque du Soleil show.

The production is largely inspired by the Brazilian culture, full of colors and with a very rich musical track, strolling through typical rhythms like bossa nova, samba, xaxado, funk, among others. All, of course, with a lot of percussion. OVO is a dip in a colorful, life-filled ecosystem where insects work, eat, crawl, float, play, fight and seek for love in an endless binge, full of energy and movement. The universe of insects is a world of biodiversity and beauty, full of noise and moments of silent emotion. More information can be found on the Cirque du Soleil website.

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