On the rails of luxury

The train travels of the past decades are still present in the imagination of those who enjoy history and those who seek to live new experiences in the tourist segment. The classic decoration of the wagons at the beginning of the century allied with the typical glamor of that time, continue to stir the imagination of many people.

For the nostalgic, part of this enchantment can be felt in the trip between Curitiba and Morretes, since the train that makes the journey recently received the addition of elegant luxury wagons. With the inspired name of Imperial, one of the new wagons is inspired in the 1930s, and has period furniture in excellent condition. The other wagon, which has been named Camarote, also has an exclusive vintage décor and has private cabins for up to four people.

Besides all the comfort of the new wagons and the real sensation of traveling in time, anyone who wants to take the train ride through the Serra do Mar Paranense will know one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Traveling along a path that exceeds 100 kilometers, tourists will appreciate the beauty of the Atlantic Rainforest and, to break, live a little the emotions of travelers of the last century. More information and roadmaps can be obtained through the address www.serraverdeexpress.com.br.