In the blazes of the blue sky

Travolta 2015

Although his career is marked by great successes and also some big box office failures, John Travolta is one of the most beloved and well-known actors in the film universe. From the success of Saturday Night Fevers in the 1970s to even more recent productions such as In the valley of violence, released last year, the actor has been building a career that transitions naturally among the major genres of cinema.

Eternally remembered for his qualities as a dancer, the actor has always developed a close relationship with the world of high standards, since he has long been a pilot of commercial aircraft and has commanded some of the most powerful jets in the world.

Recently, John Travolta once again gained prominence in the media for his passion for aviation. The actor donated a 707 Boing from his estate to an Australian museum. The idea is to completely restore the model that belonged to the actor to make a trip between Australia and the United States.

Modelo do Boing 707 que doado por John Travolta

Modelo do Boing 707 que doado por John Travolta

It is worth remembering that the star of Grease has also been ambassador of the airline Qantas since the beginning of the last decade and it is precisely of that company the donated model.

According to actor it was a “huge pleasure to make this historic announcement and that my dear Boeing 707 has been donated to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society.”

Once again, the actor who has achieved fame by joining cinema and dance, proves that generosity and luxury are also concepts that harmonize perfectly.