New show celebrates 180 years of Tiffany & Co. legacy

Some brands that operate in the luxury segment, through the excellence of their products and the long tradition in the sector, have become true synonyms of the market. Just mention your name or the image of some of your creations to immediately relate to the universe of high standard goods.

Without a doubt, Tiffany & Co., a North American jewelry company founded in 1937, is one of them. And to celebrate the legacy built over almost two centuries of existence, the brand created an unprecedented exhibition in Shanghai called “Vision & Virtuosity”. The idea of ​​the show is to provide visitors with a tour of Tiffany’s history and insight into how past creations, persents and future projects dialogue with each other.

The exhibition is divided into six thematic areas: Blue Is the Color of Dreams, a tribute to the jewelry universe highlighting the color that is the symbol of the brand; The World of Tiffany, which shows Tiffany & Co.’s relationships and influence in film, television, music, and literature; The Tiffany Blue Book focuses on collections immortalized by the brand; Tiffany Love, which represents how love manifests itself through the pieces produced by the jeweler; Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a tribute to the movie that has become iconic of the movie world and Diamonds: Miracles of Nature, about the raw materials that made the brand’s history.

Check out the video for the exhibition.