New label “Italian Rosé” is launched at an exclusive party by Freixenet

Last Wednesday, June 5, Freixenet, one of the largest and most famous Cava producers in the world, officially launched the new Italian Rosé label on the Brazilian market. The executive director of the brand in Brazil, Fabiano Ruiz, received guests for the launch party in São Paulo.

The event featured renowned DJ Pedro Sabie who shook the pick-ups. Prestigious event names like Rodrigo Sá, Bel Pimenta, Carol Campos Salles, Priscila Real, Rafael Barajas, Lolo Ascar, Cynthia Landsberger, Silvana Bertolucci, Geraldo Mattar Jr and Viviana Ximenes. Check below, some images of who attended the event.

Images: Ali Karakas.