New destinations expand their role in the national luxury market

One of the characteristics that has been highlighting in the segment of global luxury and the Brazilian reality follows the same trend is the democratization of the market. The concept refers to expanding the opportunity to consume the high standard products and, on a global scale, can be verified in China. Conquering the Chinese market has now become the desire of some of the world’s top luxury brands, something that until recently was not part of the strategies of the segment.

In Brazil, similarly, the demand for new markets and the interest of consumers in products with a high degree of quality are changing the economic panorama linked to the luxury market. If São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro were traditionally the main markets for the sector, today the main luxury brands are moving towards regions farthest from this axis and, more importantly, the results have been extremely positive.

Shopping Bougainville, located in Goiânia, is one of the projects that confirms the process of democratization of the luxury market in Brazil

States in the South and Northeast regions and cities such as Brasilia and Goiânia have been expanding their role in the national luxury market with the strengthening of the market and the continuous opening of stores of the most important brands in the sector. The capital of Goiás is a good example of this moment and, according to the article published last Sunday on the website of O Hoje newspaper “there was a change in the behavior of the Goiás consumer, as a consequence of the increase in purchasing power, attributed to the warming of agribusiness present in the Center -West. Before, the availability of luxury products in Goiânia was restricted to jewelry, watches, cars and real estate. Now it has extended to clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, and has changed the reality of the offer of products in our region. Today, it is possible to find many objects of desire in stores nearby. “

If Goiânia is becoming a reference in the center of the country, to mention just two more examples, we can highlight Curitiba in the south and Recife in northeastern Brazil as cities in which the luxury market is already consolidated. An interesting fact about the Brazilian high standard market is that its democratization is directly aligned with its decentralization. Consumers across the country just have to thank.