Business Luxury

The Brazilian high standard market, unfortunately, registered a drop in the last year. However, for those who want to invest in the sector, there is relief: the franchise sector grew 8% in 2017 and predicts a 9% increase in revenues this year.

In the Brazilian market, Cacau Show, for example, is a brand of success with both the public and the franchise segment. The company that operates in the segment of fine chocolates has thousands of stores spread throughout Brazil and recently opened a park for chocolate fans.

For ABF president Altino Cristofoletti Junior, besides the macroeconomic framework, the year was marked by three movements: the progressive diversification of channels, models and location; the internalization of franchising; and the growth of multi-unit franchisees.

“The search for efficiency, new markets and attracting a fearful consumer has translated into a lot of innovation: new selling strategies, setting up business, product improvements and partnerships. In this movement, franchisees with more than one unit had the important role of taking over stores in difficulty and cities in the interior, the function of keeping the expansion alive “, completes the president of ABF.

Regarding the jobs generated in the sector, the previous shows a growth of 1%, reaching about 1.2 million direct workers. The projection is that in 2018 there will be a 3% increase in the number of jobs in franchising.

In the Brazilian market, segments such as food, beauty, construction, hotels and tourism tend to present good opportunities for new and luxurious business.