Far beyond sustainability

In recent years Tesla, an American automotive brand that also operates in the energy segment, has been consolidating as a company focused on the development of sustainable technologies. The cars produced by the company created by Elon Musk unite power, comfort, luxury and, of course, sustainability.

The company, however, as it has a productive potential that is unable to produce large-scale vehicles to make its values ​​competitive to the market, is definitely investing in high-end models to increase its profit margin.

Os investimentos na produção de veículos destinados ao mercado de luxo devem ser prioridade para a Tesla a partir de agora

According to Elon Musk, this strategic change will have a significant impact and even guide the company’s path to the future. The intention of the brand, now, is to bet on the production of the Model 3s, vehicle that has a more elegant configuration than the basic models of the brand.

With the expectation of producing a total of five thousand cars per week by the beginning of July, Tesla is experiencing one of its biggest challenges. With a delivery time that can take between three and six months, the brand has the mission of convincing its customers that sustainability can also go hand in hand with the punctuality and other characteristics that define the goods of high standard.