Morgan x Swarovski


From November 10, for the second consecutive year, Morgan will launch a new collection created in partnership with SWAROVSKI.

Titled “Diva, The Crystal Angel,” the winter line is a tribute to Marlene Dietrich, who wore Swarovski crystals in the iconic German film “The Blue Angel,” and the pieces are inspired by glamorous 1920s cabaret styles.

Morgan has adorned a wide range of items with Swarovski crystals: from elegant evening coats to dresses, tops, overalls, accessories and even underwear.

The collection goes on sale from November 10 in Morgan stores. Prices range from €39 to €500.

la-robe-blanche-morgan-x-swarovski-elements la-combinaison-bicolore-morgan-x-swarovski Linnea-Regmander-600x900