Montblanc honors James Dean in exclusive new edition

The American actor James Dean had everything to become a world icon of the cinema: films that have become classics, a charming beauty, a rebellious and defiant spirit and a tragic death to the 24 years of age in an auto accident. The figure of Dean is so mythical that even having acted in only three great productions, its image and its iconography is a world symbol of rebellion.

And it was precisely this almost mythological personality that Montblanc decided to honor in his new collection of writing instruments. The collection is inspired by the life and work of James Dean and the available versions add elements and references to the three films that immortalized the actor: Giant, Rebel Whitout a Cause, East of Eden.

A icônica jaqueta vermelha de James Dean serviu de inspiração para a composição dos detalhes das peças da coleção

In addition to the pens, the brand has also launched a collection of stationery that includes a red leather notebook and a new red ink that can be used on both fountain pens and ballpoint pens.

Speaking in red, it’s impossible not to really be delighted with the details in this color that makes up the pens, a clear allusion to the red jacket that James Dean is remembered for in many of his pictures. With a limited edition, Montblanc’s new collection lends a handsome tribute to the actor who, like the cinema, will never leave the scene.

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