Montblanc and BMW launch an exclusive set of luxury travel bags

The consolidation of partnerships between the main brands and companies of the world is an increasingly common business strategy in the corporate universe. In the high-end segment, this reality is no different and the union of quality and sophistication iconic brands results in products that are true luxury goods.

This is the case of the exclusive collection of suitcases launched in partnership by Montblanc and BMW. Over time Montblanc has developed several products for the German automaker, but this set is really special travel mainly due to its limited production: only 15 units were manufactured.

Detalhe do conjunto exclusivo produzido em parceria pela Montblanc e pela BMW

With a color palette that comes down to black and red, one of the special assembly is that it was developed specifically to suit the trunk of the BMW model 8. Another detail details that makes the bags even more luxurious is that the whole production was handcrafted and held in the Montblanc atelier in Florence.

The set design proposes a kind of homage to California, since among the pieces are a surfing bag, a sailor case and one case for guitar. Two other models complement the unique travel set. According to the manufacturers, the cost of the complete set is 14.9 thousand euros.