The fashion between man and myth

In her autobiography, Christina Dior suggests that there are two Diors: the Man and the Myth. The first is Monsieur himself; the second incarnation of the maison created in 1947. And to celebrate this historic and artistic heritage, Kim Jones, in his first collection as artistic director of Dior Home, chose to interpret the codes of the couturier. And, in this way, it pays tribute to both the personality of the designer and the dream of haute couture that the brand symbolizes. The collection proposes a direct dialogue between the two faces of life.

Thus, the identity of haute couture, essentially feminine, is adapted to the masculine clothing, giving life to flowing clothes, with rounded shoulders and pure lines. A split hood appears behind the shirts, making the beginning of the neck glimpse. A brand new jacket, called tailleur olique, houses the body in a diagonal line, a subtle reference to the shape of the Dior Autumn / Winter 1950 collection, crafted in summer cashmere and mohair, as well as in British wool adopted by Christian Dior in your wardrobe and also in the parts of your clients.

The Summer 2019 collection also throws light on Dior’s private life. A recurring motif is his dog Bobby, who not only inspired the bottle of a limited edition of the perfume Miss Dior as he lent his name to various creations of the stylist. This immersion in the intimacy of the creator influenced even certain techniques of preparation: a series jackets that look like that from the inside, in sportswear style directly honor the savoir-faier of Haute Couture Dior.

In his writings, Christian Dior said that his personality was multiple. Kim Jones took up this idea by surrounding himself with different creative universes. Inspiration has been doubly configured: both in the natural world and in the nature of the servant himself. More than a New Look, this is a New Outlook.

Check out, below, images from the collection.