Fashion and solidarity

Flávia Alessandra e a obra de Julian Galasch

Last Thursday, December 7, the new T-shirt collection of the Invisible Cities project titled Inspire yourself was launched. The venue was Il Campanário Villagio Resort, in Jurerê Internacional, in Florianópolis, and the opening act was the actress Flávia Alessandra, accompanied by her daughters, Giulia and Olívia Costa. Also present at the event was the model Mariana Goldfarb. The prints, created by Julian Galasch, Rafael Costardy, Fabiana Ludwig and Stephen Jones, bring activists such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Dom Pedro II and Mahatma Gandhi.

Those who honored the party also had the opportunity to purchase exclusive pieces, which will soon be available to the public through the website Sold out, the event also featured live painting by artist Julian Gallasch, decorator of Thai Pasini, presentation of Edsoul Amaral and fashion production signed by Kenia Costa.

Founder of Invisible Cities, photographer Samuel Schmidt is proud to see the results of the work he started six years ago after the awakening of a dream. “Our social programs are developed so that everyone can grow independently. What matters is what people do in our absence, not with our presence. We want to impact people living without the basic freedom to survive: food deprivation, basic sanitation or clean water, effective education, profitable employment, political freedoms and civic rights. Images that force us to see this reality. We believe that art transforms, seduces and instigates. And so it revolutionizes. This is only possible when we act collectively. “

More than a brand, Invisible Cities is a social business that, through art, fashion and entrepreneurship, transforms the lives of people who really need it. Conceived by photographer Samuel Schmidt, the project began without any planning or notion of the dimension that the initiative could take, only with the purpose of helping a needy family that caught his attention.

For six years, Invisible Cities has brought together artists who adapt their art in re-readings of photographs that are printed on T-shirts and, after being marketed, have the profit reverted to poor communities or social causes.


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