Fashion and luxury even more virtual

According to the philosopher Gilles Lipovestky, with regard to the concept of postmodernity, “in addition to the various interpretations proposed, it was the idea that we were faced with a more diverse, more facultative society, less loaded with expectations regarding to the future. To the enthusiastic visions of historical progress were shorter horizons, a temporality dominated by the precarious and the ephemeral. “

And one of the segments in which this ephemerality manifests itself most clearly is fashion. Collections and launches tend to take place and alternate in a cycle that is apparently infinite. In this panorama of systematic and constant changes, the fashion segment, however, has been making history also in what refers to the new trends of consumption.

According to a survey developed by Nuvem Shop, a service platform specializing in e-commerce solutions, the fashion industry was the one with the highest growth rates in store numbers opened on the Internet during the first quarter of this year.

According to the study, the growth of virtual fashion stores reached about 148% and the total volume of transactions also increased by 12%. In more exact figures, according to the database used in the survey, there are currently more than 18,000 stores that use e-commerce to sell clothing and fashion accessories.

Another important piece of the report that actually indicates that the virtual interest in fashion is ever increasing is that the growth of operations carried out through smartphones and tablets was 39%. The health and beauty segments ranked second in the survey and home and garden products ranked third.