The fashion is highlighted in the exhibition that rescues the work of Alfred Hitchcock

The Englishman Alfred Hitchcok is much more than one of the leading directors of film history. His connection with the art of suspense is such that his name became adjective and his films are among the most watched, debated, analyzed and copied of all time.

Anyone who wants to know more deeply the work of the filmmaker can check the exhibition Hitchcock – behind the scenes of suspense, until October 21 at the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo. With the curatorship of André Sturm, filmmaker and former director of MIS, the show traces a panorama of the director’s life and work through an immersive and interactive expografia, whose concept is to take the visitor to a film set.

Among the items selected by the curators are photos, manuscripts, storyboards, posters and film materials, such as press kits and lobby cards, newspaper and magazine articles, and a number of other elements. audiovisual material, such as excerpts from the director’s early career.

Among the items on display that were specially panned for the event, fashion is also present through sketches of costumes and reproductions of some of the iconic costumes used by characters featured in the director’s long filmography. For the experience to be complete, it is possible to actually walk into the mansion that is scene of the movie Psycho and feel the heart beating faster.