Fashion and beauty are the main highlights of Brazilian e-commerce in 2018

On January 22 we published in the Therapy of Luxury a matter that emphasized that the Brazilian e-commerce is among the ten largest markets in the world, losing only to nations like the United States, Germany and China. And according to a report recently released, the fashion and beauty segments, two iconic sectors within the luxury market, were the top highlights of online trading last year.

The survey conducted by Ebit / Nielsen indicated that in relation to 2017, the market registered an increase in the order of 12% totaling a turnover of 53.2 billion reais last year. The increase in sales led, in turn, the increase in the average ticket and also the number of orders made digitally.

Os segmentos de moda e beleza, que são ícones dentro do mercado de luxo, foram alguns dos principais destaques no e-commerce brasileiro em 2018

While the fashion and fashion accessory sector had an increase of 18%, the beauty and health segment recorded a growth of 16%. For virtual consumers, and especially for stores operating in the industry, the expectation for 2019 is positive, since according to the study the e-commerce sales in the country must surpass the total of 61 billion.

One fact that should contribute significantly to the increase in online sales this year is that Amazon definitely hit the Brazilian market. The global e-commerce giant landed in Brazil with the goal of permanently consolidating the sector and expanding product offerings via the internet.

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