The luxury mobility


One of the most significant features of the luxury market is its ability to update with the news. In an increasingly technological world in which electronic devices gain more prominence every day, nothing more natural than the upscale segment also use these tools to develop.

In the Brazilian scenario, according to a recently published study, product purchases through mobile devices such as phones and tablets, is already a reality for 76% of the population. That is, the total universe of Brazilians with mobile phones, only 24% still do not use the handsets for online shopping.

The rate of people who have installed equipment in your applications directed to virtual shopping also increased from 28% in 2014 to 35% in 2016.

Luxury brands have realized long ago that it is impossible to escape the real technological trend and increase systematically investments in e-commerce. Major brands are still out of this fast-growing market, but this number decreases every day.

Last year, a survey was published held around the world found that in a decade, online sales are expected to increase by approximately three times. In financial terms, this indicates a jump of 14 billion euros, which is the current value, for an amount of 70 billion in 2025.

The e-commerce of luxury companies is not simply a sales channel, it is a true tool of interaction and dialogue with a public that is characterized by the requirement. The famous thought that the customer is always right, also serves to virtual sales.