Mercedes-Benz presents its innovative vision of luxury yacht

With less than a decade to complete a century of existence, Mercedes-Benz is one of the leading brands in the luxury automotive segment. Some of their models have become synonymous with elegance, comfort and technology and have a special place in the hearts of four-wheelers.

This week, the German automaker showed that after becoming a reference in the world automotive sector, also wants to conquer the nautical segment. Through its social media Mercedes-Benz unveiled an innovative luxury yacht project. With the name of Mercedes-Benz Future World Oasis Yacht the boat is the work of Gorden Wagener, brand director of design.

According to the automaker “designers have long ventured beyond the field of automotive design. Under the Mercedes-Benz Style brand, Gorden Wagener and his team create lifestyle products for other areas of life. “

The project revealed by Mercedes-Benz is part of a special publication entitled Sensual Purity – Gorden Wagener on Design that brings together some of the designer’s main works. Although there are no concrete predictions about the construction or launch of the vessel, lovers of the nautical world can already begin to imagine the Mercedes-Benz standard sailing the seven seas.