Growth tide


This week, here in the Luxury Therapy, we published a story highlighting the good moment of Michael Kors, whose revenue this year was higher than the initial forecast and a great contribution to this success was through the acquisition of Jimmy Choo.

Now another icon of the luxury segment demonstrates that it is also sailing in this tide of growth. Hermès ended the third quarter of this year with a sales result above 1.3 billion euros.

According to Axel Duma, CEO of Hermès, the period really was “very good, all divisions were on the rise, and all geographical areas have progressed. We continue to offer robust performance and, in particular, healthy growth, because it is an organic growth, that is, a volume growth in the existing perimeter of the stores. “

Taking into account the first nine months of 2017, the accumulated sales result in the period is over four billion euros, with organic growth reaching more than ten percent.

However, even celebrating the excellent results, the label issued a statement stressing that growth targets are ambitious, but take into account “economic, geopolitical and monetary uncertainties worldwide.”