Brands and their values

In the current economic scenario, the main organizations in the world, having as a tool the most innovative marketing strategies, have as main objective to make the brands stop being just names and become, in fact, a reference in the market for customers and consumers .

After all, much more than meeting the quality requirements, we must go beyond and realize that excellence has ceased to be a competitive differentiator and has become a requirement of increasingly sophisticated and questioning customers.

Therefore, the publication of surveys that analyze the degree of acceptance of the brands is fundamental to understand the market and, mainly, to serve as reference of behavior for the other organizations.

A Natura, juntamente com a Embraer e a Havaianas foram as três empresas brasileiras citadas na pesquisa

One of these recently released studies, conducted by Reputation Institute, a consulting firm specializing in market monitoring, has indicated Rolex as the brand that has the best reputation among customers. In second place was the toy manufacturer Lego and in third position the technology giant Google.

It is worth highlighting the diversity of the market segments and, especially, the fact that the leadership was conquered by a company that is a true icon of the world premium sector. With over a hundred years of history, Rolex maintains a reputation that harmonizes tradition and innovation. Among the 100 most well-reputed companies, three Brazilian companies were highlighted: Embraer, Natura and Havaianas.