Brands beyond paradigms


In an interview published in the Brazilian press at the end of October, Freddy Rabbat, CEO of Tag Heuer and Swatch in Brazil, analyzed in a very attentive way the watch segment and, even more broadly, the luxury market as a everything.

One of Rabbat’s claims is that the “luxury market has always seen e-commerce as taboo.” Although it may generate some discussion and even the emergence of contrary opinions, the phrase reflects reality. After all, how many companies or high-standard brands can be considered references when it comes to e-commerce?

Another important detail in this controversy is that many organizations still find it difficult to convey to their clients values ​​such as tradition, universality and excellence through computer screens or through social networks.

However, it is true that this fear needs to stay in the past so that luxury brands can, in fact, reach their audience through the use of technology in order to enhance the experiences that products have to offer.

For those who study the premium market, however, a phrase from Freddy Rabbat has even greater significance. Through a timely comparison, the executive stated that Swatch is the Havaianas of the watches.

If in a first reading the idea is based on the attempt to match the watchmaker to one of the most iconic brands in the Brazilian textile industry, it is enough to take a deeper look at what position Rabbat intends the watchmaker to assume. parents.

The Havaianas brand is a successful affair and has long since surpassed the barriers of luxury and fashion to become a timeless and universal piece that is successful in Brazil as well as in several countries around the world. Comparing yourself with the traditional brand of sandals is a way of stating that customers who seek comfort, fun, relaxation and are willing to break with established paradigms are among the target audience of the brand.

Whether through this positioning Swatch will achieve its goals is still too early to state. However, mirroring the great references that exist to create and follow a strategy of action, without a doubt, is a good path to success.

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