The mark of millennials

The importance of millennial generation to the various sectors of the luxury segment is increasingly evident. Last Wednesday, for example, we published here in the Therapy of Luxury the result of a study that indicates the great tendency of growth for the next years of vegan cosmetics. Among the main reasons is the great interest of younger generations in sustainable products.

Another study recently released by Ybrands, aimed at the fashion industry, aimed at classifying the brands with the highest confidence levels by consumers aged 13-36 years, named Nike as number one.

O sucesso com o público e com os segmentos especializados fazem da Nike a principal escolha da geração millennial

According to Bobby Calise, one of the managers of the research, the reason for the success of the North American brand is its high level of acceptance of both the public and the specialized segments. “Nike is like the Beatles or Beyonce brands, as they have achieved both critical and commercial success, especially in the youth market,” Calise said.

For the elaboration of the study, more than 80 thousand consumers were interviewed with questions in the fashion, health and beauty categories. In addition to Nike, which topped the list, the Top 10 also includes Hershey’s, Amazon, Oreo, M & M’s, Target, Google, Netflix and Adidas.